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Summer Baseball Programs | Redmond West Little League

Schedule Information

2019 Summer Ball will run July 8th - August 16th.  There will be two weeks of practices (location TBD).  After that, there will be two games each week, weeknights only, and no practices.

We will offer a co-ed Rookies (boys and girls T-ball) program for 4 and 5 year-olds, if there is enough interest (as determined by how many people register for that waitlist).

Baseball will play games on the following days:

  • Majors:  Tues/Thurs @ Hartman or Marymoor
  • Coast:  Mon/Wed @ Hartman
  • AAA:  Mon/Fri @ Hartman or Redmond Elementary or Rockwell Elementary
  • Coach Pitch (A-AA):  Tues/Thurs @ Redmond Elementary or Rockwell Elementary

Juniors:  We will offer Juniors if there is enough interest (as determined by how many people register for that waitlist).

Softball will play games on the following days:

  • Majors:  [TBD]
  • Coast:  Tues/Thurs @ Hartman or Sammamish
  • AAA:  Mon/Wed @ Hartman or Sammamish

Time:  Game start times will be 5:00pm or 6:00pm, with arrival usually one hour prior.


Little League programs are not possible without volunteer support from each player's family.  The number of teams and divisions we are able to offer will completely depend on how many volunteers sign up to manage and coach those teams.

Players with accompanying volunteers will receive priority for division and team placement.  Players without accompanying volunteers will be assigned to teams on a space-available basis.

Background Checks:  All volunteers must complete a current season background check through Redmond West Little League.  If you are already on our approved volunteers list, you do not need to repeat your background check for summer ball.

Manager/Coach Applications:  All volunteers for the positions of summer ball manager and/or coach must also complete the RWLL Managers and Coaches Application, unless you completed it for the current spring season.

Registration Information

League Boundaries:  Anyone may play summer ball with Redmond West Little League.  Little League boundaries do not apply for summer ball.

Divisions:  Players may request to play in the division they will play next Spring.  Division requests will be honored, if possible.

Buddy Requests:  Players may request only one "buddy" and buddy requests must be reciprocal (both players must request each other).  It is not guaranteed that we will be able to honor all buddy requests.

Registration Fees:
$   25.00  for Rookies (T-ball)
$150.00  for Coach-Pitch (A-AA)
$175.00  for all other programs

Refund Policy:  Refunds will be issued if requested before July 1st, 2019.  All refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee.

Deadline:  The summer ball registration deadline is July 1st, 2019.


Please direct questions to the summer baseball coordinator, below.

Andy Palm

Summer Ball Coordinator