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Softball Player Evaluations | Redmond West Little League

Softball AAA thru Majors Evaluations

Evaluations for Softball Players ages 8-12 will be taking place Sunday, February 4th from 2pm-6pm at Hartman 5 & 6.  All players are required to attend the evaluations in order to be placed on a team. If you are unable to make it Sunday, there will be one make-up evaluation on Tuesday, February 6th from 5pm-8 pm at Hartman 5 &6.

Due to COVID-19 and in an effort to keep the evaluation process as efficient as possible, we ask that the players arrive only at their prescribed evaluation time.  More specific information will be emailed to parents.   We also ask that your daughter be dressed and ready to take the field. If you miss your window, you will need to reschedule.

Your player will need their own bat, helmet, and glove. We can arrange for a player to borrow a bat and helmet, but we strongly encourage you to bring your own. If you must borrow a helmet, then please let us know so that we can bring extras. A helmet will be used only once on eval day, so we will bring 1 per request. Bats and balls will be wiped down as appropriate when moving between stations.

We anticipate that it will take approximately 20 minutes for your player to complete the evaluation.

Note:  Juniors players ages 13-14 will not need to attend evaluations at this time.  You will be hearing from your team manager on the next step.  However, we always welcome volunteer Juniors/Seniors players to help run the Evaluation skills stations.  Please contact or to volunteer.

We will see you there! There will be fielding, throwing, running, hitting, and pitching stations.  Cleats are not recommended because the evaluations are conducted on an artificial surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

QIt is cold and raining, are you really still doing the evaluation?

A: Yes.  The fields are turfed and the weather is always unpredictable.  We are trying to have awnings and heaters at the evaluation to keep the players and parents sheltered and comfortable.

QWe are out of town Saturday.  Is there a makeup session?

A: Yes - the Makeup Session date/time is posted above.

QMy daughter tried out last year.  Does she really have to attend Player Evals again?

A: Yes.  Players develop rapidly and at different rates, and dated information is unreliable.  The evaluation process is used to create the most balanced teams possible.

QMy daughter has never pitched before and does not want to.  Does she still have to do the pitching station?

A: She is not required to do the pitching station, but it is encouraged.  Many girls (especially 8 and 9 year olds) have never pitched prior to participating in Player Evaluations, and our league feels it is important to assess all players regarding the same skills to ensure that hidden talents are identified and for purposes of balancing players’ relative skills on teams.  A coach will be present to provide brief instruction on fastpitch mechanics.  Players will not be required to pitch for their team if they do not want to. 

QMy daughter has a basketball game that Saturday and a band concert on Wednesday night.  We are just too busy to make it.  We would like an exception to the rule.

A: Our league rules require players to attend evaluations, and it is possible your player will not be placed on a team this season if she does not attend, unless excused due to an emergent circumstance such as injury.  If it is impossible for your player to make either of the dates, please contact the Player Agent at to request an individual evaluation appointment with the coaches if one can be scheduled.

QWhat does my player need to bring for Evals?

A: A glove and suitable athletic clothing (warm enough for the weather, but need not be baseball pants/jersey), and shoes for running on artificial turf.  Batting helmet is also strongly encouraged, although there will be a few League helmets and bats available if needed.  Caps/visors are also especially if it is raining.  If your player has her own favorite bat and batting helmet, she should be sure to bring them. 

QOur assigned time for the evaluation is between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m., but we have basketball until 11:30.  Can we come later?

A: Yes.  No one will be turned away if arriving between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  If you arrive before 9:00 a.m. or after 1:30 p.m., though, we will probably direct you to come back for the makeup session.

QOur daughter is 8 and was an excellent player in her AA Division team last season, or is 8 and will be entering her third year of AA.  Can she try out for AAA even though she is 8?

A: Yes, she is encouraged to participate in Player Evaluations.  Although we cannot guarantee that she will be placed on a AAA team, it is possible that a few 8 year olds who played AA Division last year will be placed in AAA so long as there are roster spots available after all eligible 9s are placed and the feedback from their manager from last season is positive.

QOur daughter is 8 and did not play in AA division last year, but she would like to try out for AAA.  Can she attend?

A: Although we will not turn your daughter away from attending Evals as an 8 year old, it is unlikely that she will be placed in AAA unless she has played in AA Division the prior season.  The League strongly discourages "skipping" a division.

QMy daughter is 8 and would prefer to play in AA Division this spring.  Does she have to attend Player Evaluations?

A: No.  Players aged 8 and younger who desire to play in the League's Instructional Ball Division (AA) should not attend Player Evaluations.

QMy daughter broke her hand skiing yesterday and cannot throw a ball or bat for at least six weeks.  What do we do?

A: Please contact the Player Agent at to request a waiver from participating in Player Evaluations and to discuss other data points that can be made available to managers for placing your child on a Spring team.

QHow are Player Evaluation scores used?

A: From the scores, the Player Agent and the Managers of the applicable division will determine the draft ranking of each player, from which teams will be formed using a round robin draft.  Only after teams are formed, and the Player Agent and Managers reach consensus that the teams are as balanced as possible, are teams assigned to the Managers.

QMy kid was feeling sick the morning of Evals, and didn't play as well as usual.  Will it be held against her?

A: Not at all.  Player Evaluations are not "tryouts" to "make" a team -- everyone who attends the evaluation will be assigned to a team.  Player Evaluation scores are simply a tool that we use to attempt to create the most balanced and competitive teams possible.  The scores will be compared by the managers and the Player Agent with evaluations received from managers last year, to verify whether a particular player's ranking should be adjusted to best reflect actual ability (i.e., to take into account under- or over-performance at Evals). 

QWill the Player Evaluation scores be posted somewhere?

A: Absolutely not.  Player Evaluation scores are kept strictly confidential by and among the Player Agent, the Vice President of Majors/Minors Softball, and the Managers of the particular division.  Scores will not be released under any circumstances.

QWhen will we find out what team our player has been assigned to?

A: The Draft Meetings will be held in early to mid-February, and final rosters determined within one week after the final Draft Meeting.  Families will be notified of team assignments prior to Redmond Softball Family Night in late-February (the date is posted on the league calendar).

QMy 9-year-old daughter is aiming to play AAA and wants to play with her best friend.  Can I put in a request for that?

A: In an effort to keep softball fun in the progression to more competitive play, we do allow for one (1) "buddy" request for players participating in AAA Division.  Unfortunately, we also need to build balanced teams and cannot grant all requests.  To be considered, the buddy request must be reciprocal solely between two players (i.e., not “Jane requests Mary,” “Mary requests Polly,” “Polly requests Martha,” etc., or “Jane wants to be with all the girls she played with last year on Coach John’s team”).  In Majors and Coast Division, buddy requests will not be considered.