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League Contacts and Volunteer Job Descriptions | Redmond West Little League

Board of Directors (Volunteers)


Jennifer Grimes


Robert Hartman


Jean Long


. Open


Tonya Henry


Stacey Gardner

League Events Coordinator

Lenny Dayberry

Safety Director

Duane Walker

Training Director

Ellie O'Rourke

Head Scorekeeper

Michelle Schmoelzer

Marketing Director

Christi Thomas


Paul Grimes

Director At-Large


Jeff Laizans

VP - Majors/Minors Baseball

Steve Scotkin

Player Agent - Majors/Minors Baseball

Patrick O'Rourke

Chief Umpire - Baseball

Andy Palm

Equipment Director - Baseball

Amy Laizans

Uniform Coordinator - Baseball / IBB

Danish Majeed

VP - Instructional Baseball

Erik Applebee

Player Agent - Instructional Baseball

Kenneth Hardy

VP - Seniors Baseball

Gary Schauer

VP - Juniors Baseball

. Open

Player Agent - Big Diamond Baseball


Kelli Landers

VP - Softball

Robert Hartman

Player Agent - Majors/Minors Softball

. Open

Chief Umpire - Softball

Special Projects (Volunteers)

. Open

Chief Umpire - Big Diamond Baseball

Andy Palm

Summer Baseball Coordinator

Andy Palm

Redmond City Tournament (RCT) Coordinator

Open Positions for the 2018 Spring / Summer Season

  • Registrar
  • Secretary
  • Player Agent, Juniors & Seniors Baseball
  • VP, Juniors Baseball
  • Chief Umpire, Softball
  • Chief Umpire, 90’ Baseball
  • Redmond City Tournament (RCT) Coordinator, Baseball
  • Summer Ball Coordinator, Baseball 

Volunteer Job / Role Descriptions

Job descriptions below are a little dated but should give a general idea of the responsibilities of each position.

If you are considering a position, but there are aspects of the role that make you uncomfortable, please let us know - we can often work with you to make adjustments.