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Baseball All-Stars Information | Redmond West Little League

For Players in Coast or Majors:

All-star applications will open late-spring 2019.  Deadline: [TBD]

For Players in Juniors or Seniors:

All-star applications will open late-spring 2019.  Deadline: [TBD]


Looking for information about Softball All-Stars?  Click here.

Baseball All-Stars Information:

All-Stars is an incredible opportunity to extend the playing season and play at a higher level. It is also a big commitment.  Most teams try to practice EVERY DAY from the day the teams are announced until the tournament begins. If a team wins the District 9 Tournament, the journey continues to the State Tournament. For Majors, Juniors and Seniors there is the potential to go all the way to the Baseball World Series. 

The District 9 tournament always approaches really fast -- especially for the 11U and Majors teams, who will have to squeeze their All-Stars practices in while school is still in session. Note that the Majors tournament starts in early-July and the last day of school is in late-June.  

For families new to Little League, All-Stars can be a lifestyle changer.  That annual vacation might conflict with the tournament dates.  There’s obviously no guarantee that our teams will progress beyond the District 9 tournament.  We have to honor Little League and the game of baseball by being able to field teams until they are eliminated, so keep these dates in mind when evaluating your All-Stars commitment. 

Baseball league age is dependent on the month and year of birth.  Please use the age chart on our baseball page to determine your child's baseball age.  Baseball age applies to boys and girls playing Little League Baseball.

Players younger than 9 years old are not eligible for All-Stars.

2018 Tournament Dates


D9 All-Star Dates

State All-Star Dates

LL ages 9 & 10

June 23

July 7

 LL ages 10 & 11

June 30 July 14

Majors (11 & 12)

July 7 July 21


June 30 July 14
Seniors June 27 July 7

2019 tournament dates are still TBD. 

Selection to All-Stars

Players are selected to All-Stars by the Tournament Team Committee, consisting of the Managers of the applicable age divisions of Redmond Baseball, the VP of M/M Baseball, and the Player Agent.  The following are criteria for participation in All-Stars: 

  1. Statement of Player Commitment, submitted by the player and guardian/parent, indicating an interest and commitment to attendance and local travel for tournament play.  To be considered for all-stars, player commitment statements must be submitted before the deadline posted above. 
  2. Player’s good standing with respect to minimum number of Little League games played in the current season (teams must play 12 or more games, and of the games played by the team, the player must attend at least 60% of the games). 
  3. Evaluation of the skills and abilities of each player who submits a Statement of Player Commitment, via the following: 
  • Observations of the player’s current baseball manager.  
  • Observations of other managers whose teams played against the player during the current season.
  • Verification of age and residence by District 9 Little League (post-selection, pre-tournament) for the applicable age division. 

Please keep in mind that many good players submit Statements of Player Commitment each year who are not ultimately selected to All-Stars.  Your son or daughter’s selection, or non-selection, to an All-Star team is entirely dependent on the relative strengths and abilities of the players their age who submit Statements of Player Commitment, as determined by the Tournament Team Committee.  Not getting selected for All-Stars does not reflect how our coaches feel about your player as a person, or how much of an effort your player has put in to improve, and should not take away from what we hope has been a fun experience in the regular season. 

Announcement of All-Star Teams

Baseball All-Stars will be announced on or after June 1.  Rosters of selected players will be posted on our website and announced on our home page. 

Verification of Age and Residency

If your player is selected for All-Stars, you will need to be prepared to submit proof of age and residency in order for her to participate on the team.   

Little League International rules require that players provide proof of age and residence. For proof of age, players who have been selected to an all-star team must provide an ORIGINAL birth certificate. It will be returned to you, but the ORIGINAL must be verified by District 9 staff. For proof of residency, the easiest proof is if your child’s school is also within the league boundaries. All that is required is a completed School Enrollment Form. Otherwise multiple documents are required, and they have to be dated, or in force from the period between February 1 of last year and February 1 of this year. Usually the easiest documents to provide are a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and utility bill. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Best regards,

. Open

Player Agent - Majors/Minors Baseball

Apply to Manage or Coach an RWLL All-Star Baseball Team

All-star applications will open late-spring 2019.  Deadline: [TBD]